Who is the middle man between Fieldglass, ECC and Successfactors?

Project Staffing and Resource Scheduling sits often in the middle between systems owned by different business functions. For internal resources you may have HR data, and may focus on matching resources and skills with your own bespoke matching logic, but what do you do with new hires (possibly from Successfactors Recruiting) or contractors (from Fieldglass or other VMS)? Additional complexity comes from the question that these tools at best answer who should work for a specific project, but how do you manage the assignment to sub-WBS, Phases and Tasks? And where do you maintain the so important roll off dates, so that you can start finding new engagements early enough. 

You need a middle man, which is not only a technical integration layer, but provides solid functionality to integrate between the different tools you may have in place. 


We are curious, what is your approach?

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